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      Al Repalazo

      Al Repalazo


      Album: Fiebre

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      Sumo - Al Repalazo Música y Letra

      Great bats,sweet demon necks
      They bite my bumps, right here,how can ?
      Great blue birds pass my eyes
      Show me how to die
      Well I know, and I see and I feel
      And I think, I know why
      Blisters swell all my skin
      They come right from within
      They are doing my soul in
      I’ve got big hopes within
      In the red sky
      I’ve got big lovein my head
      I’ve got big love in my soul
      I’m doing it every night
      And I’ll do it untill I’m old
      And I know I’m gonna be bombed
      And I’m laughing all the way
      And I know I’m gonna love you
      Every night or two
      Red skies, blue skies, dead skies
      Do it right, dig it,dig it
      James Brown, get up, get up
      Stay on scene like a sex machine
      Get up, get on up
      Hey baby!, what do you tell me ?
      What do you tell me about last night ?
      About the big boys ?
      And the big girls, and the big times
      And all the big lots
      And all the big people
      And all the big feet
      Hey, what do you know about that?
      Get up
      Stay on scene, like a loving machine

      Sumo - Al Repalazo Música y Letra




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